Game 161: Tanaka's Last Start

The first start for Masahiro Tanaka off the DL was a positive one.  Both he and the Yankee coaching staff will be hoping for a repeat of that today in his final start of his rookie season.  Tanaka is scheduled for 70-80 pitches again, and if he comes through feeling good then the Yanks should feel good about sending him into the offseason and preparing for his return as the ace of next year's staff. The Captain is back in the lineup today as the DH.  Here's the full 9-man starting lineup:

1) Ichiro- RF 2) Jeter- DH 3) Big Mac- C 4) It's Headley- 1B 5) Young Chris- LF 6) Drew- SS 7) Pirela- 3B 8) B-Ry- 2B 9) Eury Perez- CF

First pitch is in about an hour.  Let's go Yankees!