Game 157: The Return Of Teix (Again, For The Umpteenth Time)

Give Mark Teixeira credit.  He isn't taking the easy way out and shutting himself and his now officially fragile body down for the year.  He got a third cortisone injection and he's back in the starting lineup tonight as the first baseman.  Here's the full lineup: 1) Brett Gardner- CF 2) Derek Jeter- SS 3) Brian McCann- C 4) Chase Headley- 3B 5) Mark Teixeira- 1B 6) Chris Young- LF 7) Stephen Drew- 2B 8) Ichiro Suzuki- RF 9) Jose Pirela- DH

Brandon McCarthy gets the start for the Bombers as he continues his quest to get paaaaaiiiiiiiid this offseason.  This one's to make 2 separate 3-game win streaks in 7 games.  Let's go Yankees!