Quick Hit: Why No Pirela?

Last Wednesday, I wrapped up my Jose Pirela player profile post with this take: "Pirela can play all the same positions the Yankees were rotating Prado through and he offers a similar offensive profile. Because of the lack of output coming from guys like Stephen Drew and Brendan Ryan up the middle and the injury problems in the outfield, Pirela figures to see some significant game action over the next dozen games. At least I think he does. He’s due to become a MiL free agent after this season, so it behooves the Yankees to get a look at him for 40-man roster protection purposes."

As Martin Prado's roster replacement, it only made sense that Pirela would see some game time in the final 2 weeks of the season and that the Yankees would want to give him that time.  5 games and going on 5 days later, however, his ESPN player profile still looks like this:

Pirela Profile

I don't get it.  What's the point of calling Pirela up if all he's going to do is sit on the bench?  He's a guy who's a little bit Prado and a little bit Yangervis Solarte, and the Yankees got more from both of those players than they were anticipating.  He becomes a free agent this offseason, free to sign with any organization that might want to give him a shot at making an Opening Day roster in 2015.  It's all about planning for 2015 for the Yankees now, at least it should be.  Why aren't they doing anything with Pirela to see if he's worth keeping around for their bench competition?

I'm not saying he should be supplanting Jeter as the starting shortstop during his final home games, but what about second base?  That's his best position.  And while the Yankees have gotten a combined 5-17 with 2 2B and 2 RBI in the last 5 games from their 2 starting second basemen, those guys are Ryan and Drew, players who are not or should not be major factors in the Yankees' 2015 plans.  Pirela could be and the Yankees should be giving him the chance to play.  Same with other under-utilized call ups like John Ryan Murphy and Bryan Mitchell.  Give them some more run to show you what they can do.