Report: Beltran Out After Losing His Son

It's been an incredibly frustrating year to be a Yankee fan, and the tone I've taken in covering it lately reflects that.  But ultimately baseball, and for me blogging about baseball, is just a game and there are far more important things in life.  We were all reminded of that yesterday when the news of why Carlos Beltran left the team earlier this week came out. Initially reported by the team as a family matter, Beltran himself announced the details of the situation via Facebook yesterday night.  It turns out he and his wife have lost their unborn son, which is incredibly sad and a sobering reminder of how real the real world can be off the baseball diamond.  There is no timetable for Beltran's return to the team, and given the circumstances it would be completely understandable if he did not return this season.

As a single guy with no kids, I can't even attempt to put into perspective how Beltran and his wife must be feeling.  Condolences to them for their loss and I hope they take all the time they need to deal with this tragedy.