Monday Afternoon Food For Thought: What's Your Working Definition of "Well"?

The Yankees managed to squeak out 1 win this weekend, but let's be real.  They got ragdolled by the Orioles, just like they've been getting ragdolled by the Orioles all season.  With 14 games remaining and 5 separating them from the 2nd Wild Card spot, The Captain offered up this insight on the team's standing: "We need to continue to come out and play well, and more importantly to win games. We’re at the point now where playing well isn’t good enough."

At the most basic level, I agree with what Jeter's saying.  The Yankees do need to win games if they want to keep up the facade that they're in playoff contention and they can't be content to just play well.  There are no moral victories to be had here.  Factoring in all the context that comes with the Yankees' present situation, however, this statement is borderline idiotic.

What are we talking about when we talk about the Yankees CONTINUING to play well, Derek?  Is that "well" as in scoring 1 run in 20 innings like they did on Friday?  "Well" as in losing 3 of 4 to the O's and 6 of the last 10 overall?  "Well" as in going 8-11 since that 5-game winning streak in late August?  Or maybe it's an individual reference.  "Well" as in the personal 0-22 hitting streak that Jeter is in over his last 6 games?  Or "well" as in the .116/.188/.140 slash he has for the month of September.  Or "well" as in the .250/.298/.298 season slash line he now owns.

Whatever the definition may be, it's clearly not one that's based in reality.  The Yankees are not playing well, they have not been playing well for some time, and Jeter himself is Exhibit A of that.  They're way past the point of "playing well" being good enough for anything and for Jeter to state otherwise shows a complete lack of self and situation awareness.  It also insults our intelligence as people and Yankee fans.

To be clear, I don't expect the Yankees to make the playoffs.  I haven't for a while.  I'm fine with just riding out the last few weeks and letting this season come to its miserable end.  All I ask is that the players and coaches be realistic and honest in their evaluations and don't blow the same cookie-cutter cliche teamspeak up my butt as they continue to slog their way to the finish.  Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining, don't tell me you own a house in the Hamptons with 2 solariums, and don't tell me after 148 mostly crappy games that NOW it's time for "playing well" to not be good enough.  Take a page out of the Jon Taffer playbook, own your failure, and talk about it like it's actually something of which you are aware.