Tanaka Update: Return To Sim Game City

As the Yankees drift further and further away from truly needing him to come back this season, Masahiro Tanaka presses forward on his rehab trail.  He returned to simulated game action yesterday, throwing a 3-inning, 45-pitch session prior to last night's game.  Chad Jennings has the full story, but the long and short of it is that Tanaka said he felt better than he did in his last sim start and Joe and the coaching staff thought he looked a lot better. The next step now is to see how his arm feels and responds to another between-start bullpen and then it sounds like he'll get another sim start on Sunday.  After that, there's a chance he could return to real game action by the end of next week.  That's enough time for 2, maybe 3 starts depending on how Joe manages his rotation down the stretch.  Even not fully stretched out, 2-3 games of Tanaka is better than no Tanaka.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about his elbow, but it would be nice to get to see him pitch a few more times before the season ends.