Quick hit: Thanks a lot, Yanks!

I was in my dad's hospital room watching the Yankees/Rays game last night. My poor dad, who had been asleep for most of my visit, actually had his eyes open so he was also watching the Yankees' feeble attempts to get runners on base and score. At one point, he rolled his eyes and I'm pretty sure that if his arms weren't strapped down - to prevent him from pulling out his lines - he would have waved his hands in disgust like he does when he's healthy and at home.

Anyway, my dad watched the Yankees' eighth and ninth innings and he just looked completely irritated and frustrated. So thanks a lot, Yankees, I actually saw a glimpse of my real dad for the first time in a while and it seems like your awful play brought it out.

Some of my thoughts from last night's debacle:

  • The team is just boring to watch.
  • Even if it it's not hit in a traditional 6-4-3 or 4-6-3 fashion, Derek Jeter will always seem to hit into a double play at the absolute worst time.
  • At least the bullpen is great.
  • I got nothing... I think I actually hate this team more than last year's team.