Quick Hit: Pineda Can't Buy Run Support Right Now

Michael Pineda has made 9 starts this year.  He's pitched exactly 50 innings in those 9 starts and allowed 11 runs (10 earned) in those 50 innings.  His consistency in limiting opposing lineups to 2 runs or fewer was noted by Katie earlier this morning, and his overall performance has re-inspired hope that he can become a strong #2 starter at the top of future rotations. The only problem with Pineda's performance this season, and it's not even his problem really, is that it hasn't led to very many Yankee victories.  Pineda has a 3-4 record and the team is 3-6 in his starts, mainly because the offense refuses to score runs for him.  In the 50 innings he's pitched, the Yankees have scored 16 runs.  That number is bad enough as a standalone, but when you consider that 10 of them have come in 2 games and none have been scored in the last 2 it gets even worse.  6 runs' worth of support in 7 games.  That's unfathomably bad.

The Yankee offense sucking is nothing new.  I'm sure everybody is as tired of reading about it as I am of writing about it at this point.  But it never ceases to be frustrating when you see statistical reminders like this.  A starting pitcher has an ERA of 1.80 in 9 starts and the team has a .333 win percentage in those games.  That shouldn't happen.  If I were Pineda, I'd think about tossing some pine tar somewhere visible before my next start so I could get tossed early again and not have to deal with the nonexistent support.  It can't be a good feeling going out on the mound knowing you have absolutely no margin for error.