Quick Hit: Dellin Dealin' For A Team Record

It's going to get swallowed up in the underwhelming offensive production, second straight missed postseason, and JeterMania this month, but Dellin Betances deserves some ink for the Yankee record he's chasing.  I wasn't even aware he was that close until this morning.  Via Chad Jennings: "Dellin Betances struck out two batters in a scoreless eighth inning. He now has 122 strikeouts in 81 innings this season and has a good chance to be the Yankees season leader in strikeouts while pitching the entire season out of the bullpen. He’s tied Goose Gossage for the second-most reliever strikeouts in a season (Gossage did it in 134.1 innings in 1978). The record is 130 set by Mariano Rivera in 107.2 innings 1996."

That's a hell of an accomplishment for Betances in his rookie season.  To be among the 2 best relievers in Yankee history, the best reliever in baseball history, and to be primed to beat both of their records in the reliever strikeout department.  Barring injury, he should easily eclipse Mo's mark too.  At 81 IP in 137 team games, Betances is on pace for almost 96 IP by season's end.  Based on his current count of 122 strikeouts, he should wind up somewhere around 145 K after 162 games.

Mo's only been gone 1 season and he's already having one of his most impressive team records broken.  130 strikeouts in 107.2 IP is really, really good.  140+ in less than 100 IP is insanely good.  A round of applause to you, Dellin, and one well earned.