Wednesday Afternoon Food For Thought: This Is Lame

MLB_JETER_PATCH_1280_090314_2_kpjt2z1d_t453ox43 Via ESPN:

"The New York Yankees announced Tuesday that the team will wear a patch of Derek Jeter's final-season logo on all player hats and uniforms from Sunday, the day that the shortstop will be honored at Yankee Stadium, through the end of the season."

I'm sorry to all you readers who are still diehard Jeter slurpers and think this is cool.  It's not.  It's lame.  Super lame.  Derek Jeter isn't dead.  He's retiring.  He's not even retired yet.  Why does anybody need to wear a patch honoring him before he's even retired?

And it's not just patches.  Click that link and read the whole article if you haven't already.  It's hats, shirts, autographed jerseys, special edition magazines.  The Yankees aren't going to make the playoffs and reap the rewards of that extra revenue for a second straight year, so they're going to milk every last monetary drop out of the Derek Jeter teat while they still can.  It's shameful, it's borderline pathetic, and it's lame.  I guess it really is all about the money with the front office.  Championship-caliber my eye.

P.S.- If Jeter was half the "team-first" guy he's always been portrayed as, he would refuse to wear this patch and squash this thing before the rest of his teammates had to.