Tough Night For Greene Comes At The Worst Time

Greene Pitch Plot 9-2-14 That's Shane Greene's pitch plot from last night.  It's not a pretty one and it perfectly reflects the ugliness of his start.  6 hits, 2 home runs, 3 walks, and 6 earned runs allowed in less than 3 innings.  Fastball command has been what's made Greene so tough since coming up in early July, but it was his undoing last night.  Lots of sinkers either dropping into the middle of the strike zone or completely out of it.  No movement on his 4-seamer.  That's a hard way to get by against a Major League lineup and Greene found that out the hard way.

Here's how bad he was last night in a nutshell.  He threw 67 pitches in his 2.2 innings, 30 of them were sinkers.  He didn't get a swing and miss on any of them.  Didn't get a swing and miss on any of his 6 4-seamers either.  Of the 8 outs he did manage to record, not a single one of them came on a groundball.  That's not the Shane Greene we've seen at all since he came up.  He was terrible.

Not that there needs to be any further analysis of what last night's start might mean for him going forward.  It doesn't mean anything.  It happens.  Sometimes pitchers don't have it and they have bad nights like last night.  It happens to every pitcher in MLB every single year and it was Greene's time.  It's just a shame that it had to happen when the Yankees were desperate for a win and looking to start their last significant homestand of the year off on the right foot.  It's a double shame because my original plan for this morning was to write about how Greene has looked legitimate as a Major League pitcher and should be considered a favorite for a back end rotation spot next season.

And he still should be even after last night's stink bomb.  He still has a healthy 22.7% K rate.  He still has a very good 51.2% GB rate.  He still has good swing-and-miss offspeed stuff.  He can still dial 2 types of fastballs up to the mid-90s.  Shane Greene has all the tools to be a quality Major League starter and nothing about last night's outing changes that.  Him shaking this one off and getting back to what has been his usual self the next time he takes the mound would be another indicator that his future is still bright.