Joe Going Back To The Motivational Well

The latest small sample winning streak is long in the rearview.  Horse mask fever has come and gone.  The Yankees have lost 5 of their last 7 games and Joe knows it's getting close to zero hour for his club's playoff chances, so he's going back to the old motivational quote tactic to try to inspire his players. First there was this one before last night's game:

"I consider us kind of to be in playoff mode right now, for us, because we obviously need to win games."

Powerful stuff right there.  How could anybody not be fired up and ready to go out and win a ballgame with that kind of rallying cry?  There was also this doozy after the game:

“Did I think at this point in the season we would have score more runs? Absolutely.  In this ballpark? Absolutely. But it hasn’t happened for various reasons. We need that to change.”

Brings a tear to your eye and a swell of pride to your heart, doesn't it?  It's like the "win one for the Gipper" speech, President Whitmore's speech in "Independence Day", and the "one inch" speech in "Any Given Sunday" all rolled into one.  The losing stops here, boys and girls.  The turn-around starts now.  The Yankees are kind of in playoff mode right now and they need to change.  Do you believe??  I believe!!