Ellsbury Update: Awaiting MRI Results

Guess we might not be seeing Jacoby Ellsbury back in the lineup tonight after all. After injuring his ankle sliding into home on Friday night, sitting out Saturday, and pinch hitting on Sunday, Ellsbury was scheduled for an MRI that night when the team returned to New York.  The results of that MRI were not revealed yesterday, possibly due to the holiday, but that could be taken as a bad sign. If the MRI looked fine and Ellsbury was ready to go, the team probably would have said something about that.  If there was something on it that gave the team doctors cause for concern, perhaps yesterday was spent as an extra "wait and see" day so the team could come up with a backup plan or develop a new timetable for his return.  The fact that he was immediately removed for a pinch runner on Sunday means that his ankle is probably in worse shape than most people thought.  You don't remove your fastest baserunner when you need late-game runs if he's healthy enough to run the bases.

For now we'll wait and see what the news ends up being on this MRI.  Good or bad, we should find out later today.