Sunday Mid-Morning Newsings: Tanaka And Ellsbury

There are a couple of stories we haven't touched on this weekend, ones that merit some kind of mention.  Before they become old news, here's the latest and my personal take on these 2 happenings. Tanaka's Arm

Masahiro Tanaka threw his second sim game as scheduled on Thursday morning.  He threw 49 pitches to Brendan Ryan, used all of his pitches, and said he felt good except for some "normal soreness."  On Friday, however, the situation changed and Tanaka was sent back to New York with what was described as "general soreness" throughout his right arm.  Both Tanaka and the team were quick to specify that it was not his elbow, and Tanaka said he believed it was just soreness related to not pitching in a while.  Still, with no plans to see a doctor as a precautionary follow-up and no more plans for him to continue his throwing, the chances of Tanaka returning to the mound next month are significantly lower.

At this point, I'd prefer the Yankees stop trying to bring Tanaka back and just shut him down to prepare for next year.  They're already taking a risk by going the rest/rehab route to repair the UCL tear and elbow or not, this "general" arm soreness is a setback.  It's not worth increasing the risk by bringing him back for a couple weeks at the end of this season if it means he's going to be more likely to suffer another setback or injury that puts all or part of next year in jeopardy.  Shut him down, let him rest some more, start an offseason workout/throwing program. and have him healed up and ready to start fresh in spring camp in 2015.

Ellsbury's Ankle

The other story came as a result of on-field action.  Jacoby Ellsbury injured his left ankle sliding into home plate in the 9th inning on Friday night.  X-rays came back negative, but Ellsbury was limping badly around the clubhouse after the game and was not in the lineup yesterday afternoon.  He was reportedly still limping and favoring the ankle in the clubhouse yesterday, and it didn't sound like he was going to be back in the lineup today for the series finale.  Via Mark Feinsand, Joe said he would be "shocked" if Ellsbury could go today and hinted that this injury could be DL-worthy if September call-ups weren't right around the corner.

Given the number of bumps and bruises that Ellsbury has already accumulated this season and the numbers of times we've heard Joe describe him as "beat up", I expect the team to take the cautious route here and give him a little more time than he needs.  There's a scheduled off-day coming up on Monday, so giving him today off would be 3+ days of rest in preparation for the start of the next series on Tuesday.  If he's good to go by then, I think we'll see him tough it out and get back in there.  No reason to rush him back today if he's still limping even a little bit, as much as the lineup could use him.