Wednesday Morning Food For Thought: The Little Things That Kill

Last night wasn't fun.  There was a winning streak going, the team was feeling good, and they touched down in Detroit and reverted back to their usual ways and it all got stopped.  It felt like the Tigers dominated the game, yet they were only ahead by 2-3 runs for most of the time.  The Yankees let them have the game.  Once again, it was a combination of little things that killed their chances to win. It was McCarthy being a tick off with his command.  It was McCann grounding into a double play to end the 1st inning 2 pitches after Jeter got on with a base hit.  It was Jeter going down looking with 2 on and 2 out in the 3rd and never once taking the bat off his shoulder.  It was Prado taking an 0-4 in the midst of a big hot streak.  It was nobody other than Ellsbury getting 1 extra-base hit.  It was Joe letting McCarthy come back out for the 7th.  It was McCann hitting into another double play after a no-out Jeter single in the 8th.

Rick Porcello wasn't even that good last night.  He threw 101 pitches and only got 3 swings and misses.  The Yankees have 18 hits against him in 15 innings this month.  They couldn't get the 1 or 2 they needed to really hurt Porcello last night and they gave up just enough runs for that to be the deciding factor.  Cue the music.