Quick Hit: The 2015 Rotation Doesn't Have To Be Either/Or

Slow news/idea day leading up to tonight's re-ignition of the win streak engine, but a post earlier today by Andrew Marchand caught my attention.  He published this article on the Yankees' options for revamping their rotation next year, and while I agree with his basic idea that there are a lot of different options for them to consider, the implication that it's an "either/or" scenario in terms of spending big money or rebuilding from within isn't necessarily true and should not be the way the Yankees go about things. Despite the odds being stacked against the Yankees to limit their financial advantage, they're still the biggest, baddest dog in that yard when it comes to FA dollars.  There's no reason for them not to play to that strength.  If they like the Scherzers or Lesters or Prices of the future free agent markets, then go get them.  Hopefully the lessons learned from the CC Sabathia deal(s) will help turn the next big one into a smarter one for them.  If the front office likes what it's seen from Brandon McCarthy, then make him a good offer this offseason.  It won't take much more than 2 or 3 years to get him.

And if there is the belief that guys like Greene and Phelps can be good, contributing parts of the rotation, then keep them too and use them that way.  There's nothing that should prevent both of those paths being taken.  Ivan Nova can't be counted on for anything meaningful next year, Sabathia is going to miss some time even if his knee is still playable, and Pineda and Tanaka will each enter next year as potential injury red flags.

This team is going to need a lot of starting pitching depth again in 2015 and the smart move would be to load up on as much of it as possible however they can get it.  If all they do is sign Lester in the offseason, that leaves them with a projected starting 5 of Tanaka, Lester, Pineda, Sabathia, Phelps/Greene, with the other on standby as the 6th starter, ManBan and Mitchell in Triple-A, and maybe Nova returning in the fall.  Add McCarthy and the depth increases.  Every little (or big) bit helps.

Options are a good thing when it comes to building rotations.  More is better than fewer.  Because of all the injury uncertainty surrounding next year's core guys, there's no need for the Yankees to limit their options.  They can be the big spenders they've always been AND keep focusing on building better quality internal starting depth, and they'll be a better team for it if they do.