BREAKING NEWS: Shawn Kelley Is The Man

Forget what I said about the mysterious team meeting being the fuel for this current win streak fire.  It has nothing to do with that.  It's all about Shawn Kelley wearing a horse mask. "Last week, Kelley found himself ensnared in the spider web of when he came upon a horse head mask offered by a company called Accoutrements, which also peddles a pickle that yodels, bacon-flavored lip balm and an inflatable unicorn horn for cats. The horse head garnered more than 3,000 ratings and a 4½-star consensus. Kelley, a Yankees relief pitcher, needed no further convincing.

'When I see those things, randomly in a crowd, it makes me laugh,' he said. 'So I figured I'll do that, and it'll make everyone laugh in the clubhouse.'"

Awesome.  Simply awesome.  Shawn Kelley just went up 100 life points in my book.  For somebody on the Yankees, the stuffiest baseball team in MLB, to think about and execute this idea, and for the team to allow it to happen is tremendous.  it's so un-Yankees and that's why I love it.  Definitely read through the whole story by Jeff Passan too.  It's gold.  I'm talking deep thought quotes from Jacoby Ellsbury, money product description quotes from the website, and confirmation that Kelley brings the mask onto the team plane.  Oh, and it has pictures.  And they're glorious:

Kelley Horse Head

So awesome.  The winning streak has to keep going now just so we can watch this story blow up and get national coverage.  I'd love to watch a BBTN segment with Kurkjian, Kruk, and Keith Law debating the pros and cons of having a horse mask-based team ritual.

P.S. Seriously, I am shocked that the team has let Kelley keep doing this.  This is so anti-"Yankee Way" that I would have expected one of the Steinbrenners to send Levine down to the clubhouse before a game to tell Kelley to stop wearing it after the second time.  Maybe this organization is finally starting to catch up to the present day.

P.P.S. Gotta work on that name though.  "Seabiscuit"?  Come on, Shawn.  Be better than that.

P.P.P.S. Still the #1 Yankee horse in my heart:

Centaur copy