Quick Hit: Starters Keep On Keepin' On

While I stand by my comment in Wednesday morning's rant about how it sucks that the rotation can't ever get through 6-7 innings, I wasn't trying to suggest that the rotation has, in any way, been part of the problem.  They haven't.  Boland tweeted this out last night and it's the continuation of something I pointed out a month ago.  The Yankee rotation, whoever's been in it, has been killing it since early July.  Who honestly thought that would be happening without Tanaka, Nova, and Pineda for most of the season?

The Good News Here- The Yankees have given themselves some nice options to consider for next year's rotation.  Nova's out, Kuroda's going to retire, and CC's knee may be past the point of usability.  They're going to need multiple arms, and cheap young guys like Greene and Phelps could be very valuable in the 4th and 5th spots, as could someone like Brandon McCarthy.

The Bad News Here- Even though the starters are pitching as well as they are and have the 9-3 record to show for it, the Yankees as a team are only 12-8 in those 20 home games since the ASB.  When you're getting that kind of starting pitching, you should have a better home record than 12-8.  All this good work is essentially being wasted and a potentially awesome storyline is being buried.  Thanks, offense.