Quick Hit: Some Words Of Encouragement For The Weekend (UPDATED)

Don't worry about the slumping offense, gang.  Joe's finally got the momentum-changing strategy all figured out. “You keep running guys out there and believe it’s going to change.  Eventually it’s going to be right and it’s going to be consistent over a long period.”

Boom.  There it is.  Keep doing the same thing you've been doing and eventually it's going to be consistent over a long period.  Even though it hasn't been and there's almost not enough time left in the season to establish a long period of consistently good production.  All we have to do is believe!

** UPDATE 6:15 PM**- We've got more words of motivation, people.  Real powerful stuff:

“I’ve said all along, these guys have worked hard and they’re trying to figure it out.  Whatever it takes, it takes. They’re going to do whatever it takes to try to get better and try to be more productive. I am all for that. It’s not something where they come to work and they say, ‘OK, this is what it is.’ They don’t do that. They look for every road to get better every day, and they’re doing the necessary things they have to do.”

The players are trying to figure it out, they're going to do whatever necessary things it takes to be more productive, and Joe's all for that.  If that doesn't stir up a fire inside you, I don't know what does.

Do you believe?  I believe!