Beltran's Elbow: The Latest

Recent cold streak being what it is, the Yankees probably could have used Carlos Beltran in the lineup last night.  He was out after the bone spur in his right elbow acted up and caused him some pain when he swung on Tuesday night.  Beltran had just returned to playing the outfield when this happened, although he told reporters yesterday the elbow had not been bothering him on throws. Beltran was checked out by the team doctor yesterday and given another cortisone shot in the elbow, the third one he's received this year.  No further damage or any other problems were found, just the pesky bone spur.  Despite saying the pain yesterday wasn't as bad as on Tuesday night, Beltran will not play in tonight's game.  He may try swinging a bat today if Joe lets him, and said he'd like to return to the lineup by Friday.

This doesn't sound as serious as some of this other setbacks, so that's a relief.  This has been a nagging problem all season and will continue to be until the end of it, when Beltran will have surgery to correct the issue.  I admire the dude's guts for playing through the injury, even if it has contributed to his decline in production.  I also think him coming back tomorrow is a little aggressive.  My bet would be Sunday.