Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 8/8/14

I'm playing in my buddy's sister's charity golf tournament this afternoon.  It's the one and only time a year I golf.  I've played in this thing the last few years, so I've got my system down by now.  3 drinks in before first hole, a 12-pack in the cooler for the full round, and I'm usually happy enough to forget that I don't like golf and hit a few good shots.  Closed out our round last year with an uphill, left-to-right 25-footer.  No big deal.  If you can't get out to enjoy the nice weather wherever you are on this Friday afternoon, here's some reading material: - On Monday, SJK of NoMaas applauded Brett Gardner and his top-tier efforts in keeping the Yankees in the playoff hunt.

- On Wednesday, Jeff Sullivan at FanGraphs investigated Brett Gardner's hitting approach to see what he's changed to hit for more power.

- Pat Jordan of Sports On Earth looked at the history and the evolution of the overhand curveball.  It's a long one, but a really interesting read.

- Vin Mercogliano of LoHud mused on the state of the bullpen heading into the stretch run and where the Yanks might look to improve from within.

- On Thursday, el duque of It Is High... wondered whether it's ability or money that's really driving the Yankees' roster decisions this season.

- Michael Brown of Pinstripe Alley touched on the feeling of blahness that has defined Derek Jeter's on-field performance in his final season.

- Dave Schoenfield of Sweet Spot examined how the Yankees have managed to keep themselves alive in the sea of injuries and underperformance.

From the IIATMS team:

- On Wednesday, Domenic Lanza peaked ahead to this offseason and the list of free agent pitchers available to the Yankees.  That rotation is going to need a lot of work, one way or the other.

- Earlier today, Matt Bove discussed the need for the Yankees to add another power bat to the lineup.  It would be nice to add some more thump to the old "power and patience" makeup.

How about some Chili Peppers to take us into the evening?

Enjoy your weekends, everybody.