Game 111: T-i-single Gah-Errrs

Forgive the Winnie the Pooh reference in the heading. The Tigers visit the Bronx starting tonight for a four-game set. The Yankees will face Max Scherzer, David Price, Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello. No problem, right? Hubboy... Game 111 has a nice solid ring to it. Yankee fans just hope that doesn't end up being the line score. Max Scherzer will rock the house. Maybe he'll think about how nice it will be to pitch in the Bronx next season. Maybe the Yankees will hit three homers against him and he'll sign somewhere else. Whatever the case, he is an ace and he will be tough to beat.

Brandon McCarthy goes for the Yankees and fans will hope that McCarthy will continue his streak of very effective pitching he has accomplished since he joined the Yankees. The bullpen is a bit gassed and a good game would really be helpful.

At least Austin Jackson won't be around.

The Lineups:

Detroit Tigers:

  1. Ian Kinsler - 2B
  2. Ezequiel Carrera - CF
  3. Miguel Cabrera - 1B
  4. Victor Martinez - DH
  5. Torii Hunter - RF
  6. J.D. Martinez - LF
  7. Don Kelly - 3B
  8. Alex Avila - C
  9. Eugenio Suarez - SS

SP - Max Scherzer

New York Yankees:

  1. The mighty Brett Gardner - LF
  2. Derek Jeter - SS
  3. Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
  4. Mark Teixeira - 1B
  5. Carlos Beltran - DH
  6. Brian McCann - C
  7. Chase Headley - 3B
  8. Stephen Drew - 2B
  9. Martin Prado - RF

SP - Brandon McCarthy

The game is scheduled for 7:05. It should be a clear night in the Bronx with a game start temperature of 80 degrees. The game will be televised by The YES Network for you locals and on ESPN for those away and devoted to our big screens. Enjoy the game!

**UPDATE** As you all know by now, Teixeira was scratched. Everyone below him was moved up one spot and Ichiro bats ninth. The only information is that Teixeira was feeling light-headed.