Wednesday Linkaround: 7/30/14

Here's what's cookin' around the rest of the Yankosphere so far this week: - On Monday, Chris Mitchell of Pinstripe Pundits looked into the possibility of Aaron Judge's height making him susceptible to striking out more as he moves up the MiL ladder.

- Bryan Hoch had Mark Teixeira's thoughts on his latest injury and how he can stay healthy down the stretch, along with updates on a lot of the other walking wounded.

- On Tuesday, Matt Provenzano of Pinstripe Alley declared Brian McCann officially out of his season-long slump.  After the last 2 games, I'm inclined to pull a Lee Corso and say "not so fast, my friend!", but McCann has definitely been better.

- Earlier this morning, el duque of It Is High... lamented the decision to keep Brian Roberts around and on the field while Rob Refsnyder waits and rakes in Triple-A.

- And in case you missed it yesterday, our own Domenic Lanza, inspired by Brett Gardner's personal HR derby against Yu Darvish, identified other pitchers who have been victimized by current Yankee hitters.  Be on the lookout for a sequel to that post later today.

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