Quick Hit: "Owning" a Pitcher

When Tony Gwynn passed away, one of my favorite statistics of his wonderful career was brought up by dozens of writers - his .415/.476/.521 slash line against Greg Maddux, complete with 0 strikeouts in 107 plate appearances. These match-up specific numbers are oftentimes disregarded, and with good reason, as the sample sizes are generally quite small and spread out across several seasons. However, that does not prevent them from being a blast to discuss. Last night, Brett Gardner took Yu Darvish deep twice, raising his career line against the Rangers' ace to .455/.500/1.545 with 4 home runs in only 12 PA. Only two other players have taken Darvish deep four times, and both play in the same division (Mike Trout and Brandon Moss). And, perhaps most interestingly, Gardner does not have more than two home runs against any other pitcher.

All of this made me wonder - what pitchers do other Yankees hitters "own?" So I set a baseline of 10 PA, and ventured into a Baseball-Reference wormhole to find out (using OPS as the measuring stick). Here are the results:

Carlos Beltran - .600/.680/1.200, 3 HR in 25 PA v. Jaret Wright Francisco Cervelli - .375/.500/.750, 1 HR in 10 PA v. Ricky Romero Jacoby Ellsbury - .714/.800/1.429, 0 HR in 10 PA v. Scott Richmond Chase Headley - .667/.700/1.222, 1 HR in 10 PA v. J.C. Gutierrez Derek Jeter - .667/.700/1.444, 2 HR in 10 PA v. Erik Hiljus Kelly Johnson - .588/.632/1.294, 2 HR in 19 PA v. Jonathan Sanchez Brian McCann - .563/.611/1.250, 3 HR in 18 PA v. Ian Snell Brian Roberts - .600/.636/1.200, 2 HR in 11 PA v. Troy Percival Alex Rodriguez - .556/.692/1.556, 3 HR in 13 PA v. Brian Bannister Brendan Ryan - .615/.643/.923, 1 HR in 14 PA v. Livan Hernandez Ichiro Suzuki - .600/.636/1.200, 2 HR in 11 PA v. Kevin Brown Mark Teixeira - .700/.769/1.700, 2 HR in 13 PA v. Ramon Ortiz