Mid-Morning Linkaround: 7/23/14

This was a weekly feature at AB4AR and I think I'm going to split it up and make it 2 mini-features during the week here.  A quick trip around the Yankosphere to see what's hot and what other people are talking about.  Here we go. - On Monday, Andrew Mearns of Pinstripe Alley broke down Jacoby Ellsbury's terrific at-bat against Aroldis Chapman from Sunday.

- Yesterday, SJK of NoMaas made a depressing comparison to last season to illustrate how serious the offensive futility has been in 2014.  Power and patience, baby!

- Earlier today, Greg Corcoran of Bronx Baseball Daily released his midseason top 50 prospects list.  He always has a different take on some guys I'm usually lower on, so definitely check this out.

- And in case anybody missed them yesterday, here are 2 posts from our own Katie Sharp and Matt Bove, Katie's on D-Rob's nastiness and Matt's on trading for Marlon Byrd.  With the Headley story breaking, they got shuffled down the page pretty quickly.