Quick Hit: Mark Teixeira Is Mr. Glass

Via Chad Jennings, here was Teix yesterday on his season-long battle with the injury bug: “I thought the year off last year would kind of give me a fountain of youth.  And it’s just made me rusty. I've used that word a few times this year; that’s the way it feels. It’s been something. Every game, it’s something. I was dealing with the hamstring early, the knee, back — it’s really frustrating — not to mention the wrist, which is obviously something I've been dealing with. That’s life. You have to grind through things. I've been grinding pretty well all season. I’m still happy with the way I've played when I’m healthy. I just need to get healthy again.”

Yeesh.  Be more depressing, Mark.  While I think we'd all agree with Teix's statement about needing to get healthy, the chances of that happening this calendar year aren't looking good.  Not with the way the Yankees have treated all the bumps and bruises he's accumulated in the first 98 games.  The approach with Teix has been one designed to keep him healthy enough to play rather than healthy, and that's a dangerous line to walk when you're talking about a guy with Teix's injury history.  Injuries tend to breed more injuries when they aren't given the proper time to heal and it sounds like Teix hasn't had that proper time since he came off the DL for his hamstring strain.  There's only so long he can keep grinding before something happens that stops the grind.