BREAKING: Yankees Trade For Chase Headley (UPDATED)

Well how do you like that?  Sounds like Chase Headley might be wearing pinstripes soon.  More on this as it develops...

** UPDATE 1:14 PM- Via Jon Heyman, the Yanks are sending Yangervis Solarte and High-A pitching prospect Rafael De Paula to San Diego for Headley, and the Padres are picking up $1 million of Headley's remaining salary. **

** 1:28 PM- Headley himself is tweeting out thank yous and goodbyes to the San Diego fans.  Sounds like this is all but a done deal. **

** 1:38 PM- The team has tweeted out the deal, so that's about as official as it gets.  There are some whispers about Headley possibly being in the lineup tonight.  He was in Chicago and is now on his way to New York.  We'll see.  Hard not to like this trade from the Yankees' side.  Upgraded the infield, added some right-handed power, don't have to pay much money, and only gave up a low-probability A-ball pitcher.  I'll take that. **