Announcement: Some administrative changes

Good morning, IIATMS readers! We have a couple of things happening on the site that we wanted to tell you about. Fchanges-road-signirst up, Michael Eder is stepping down from the co-Editor-in-Chief position. Michael will be heading off to law school this Fall like a good baseball blogger (we have a few lawyer/bloggers here already and there seems to be a large number of them on the internet) and we'd like to thank him for the fantastic content he provided - especially those extremely detailed pitch F/X posts with gifs, etc. as well as the Happy Tanaka Day banner that we post for TANAK's starts - and I'd like to thank him for the help he gave me throughout our partnership. We'd also like to wish him well at school even though we know he will kick ass.

And while I am bummed we're losing Michael, I am thrilled to be gaining Brad Vietrogoski as a partner. Brad will be stepping into the role of my new co-Editor-in-Chief! He starts at that position officially today so give him a nice round of applause, or, you know, leave a comment below congratulating him. This move means you'll be seeing a lot more of Brad around here now which is a good thing because I've decided to take a week off to recharge my batteries and we need someone to schedule the great content you see daily on IIATMS. In all seriousness, if you've read Brad's An A-Blog For A-Rod, you'll be pleased to know that he's bringing some of the features from there over to IIATMS so we should have a lot of fun.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. I'm going off the grid for a week and giving my poor laptop a break.

Have a good week and go Yanks!

[From the Benevolent Overlord: Huge thanks to Mike for all his hard work and efforts across the whole spectrum of the site. And thanks, of course, to Stacey, for her tireless effort and passion behind making this site run. To Brad, there are big shoes to fill and we are all looking forward to your co-stewardship with Stacey. This is a well deserved nomination!  I'd be remiss not to thank all of those who choose to write for this site; the IIATMS/TYA group is a fantastic bunch of people to be part of and I truly appreciate all that you do. Lastly, to those who take the time to read and/or comment, thank you for allowing us to have this much fun, learning and debating with everyone. Thanks again! --Jason]