UPDATED: Tanaka is heading back to NY for an MRI


The news of Masahiro Tanaka's MRI first came from George King of the New York Post.

After the game, Tanaka said he “didn’t feel that bad” and thought location was his bigger issue. “I think a lot of it had to do with command of my pitches,’’ he said. “I feel a lot of my pitches were right down the middle and pretty easy for the batters to hit.’’


But on Wednesday there was enough concern for the Yankees to send the 25-year-old for the test.

So now, we will hold our collective breath and wait for news that nothing is wrong and we're all freaking out for no reason. Right?!

UPDATE 4:10 P.M.: Brian McCann told reporters that Tanaka seemed fine last night and that he (Tanaka) was just having a bad night. It has also been reported that the issue is in Tanaka's forearm which is better than his elbow or shoulder. Our own Michael Eder tweeted that if the Yankees decide to skip Tanaka's start on Sunday, he'll be out for nearly two weeks by the time games resume after the All-Star break which could be a good thing for him.

We shall see. Again, hopefully this is nothing and Tanaka just needs a bit of rest.