10 Random Thoughts On The Wednesday Before The All-Star Break

1. Happy Anniversary to Derek Jeter who collected hit #3,000 on this day in 2011. I can't believe it has been three years since that day. I also still can't believe Jeter hit a home run. Well, no, I can believe it because he's Derek Jeter and he likes doing things like that. 2. This year's team is just so boring. Even Masahiro Tanaka is starting to bore me now and that makes me very sad. The All-Star break is coming up at the perfect time because I think we all need a break; players and fans alike.

3. I ordered a bunch of old Baseball Prospectus annuals (2000, 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2010) and it's interesting to see what the projections were at the time. The 2006 cover is especially hilarious because of the descriptions they have for certain players. For instance, Johnny Damon is "overrated and overpaid" and while his average in 2006 was down from the previous season, he still finished with a .285/.359/.482/.841 line and hit 24 home runs which isn't bad at all. BP was right about Ryan Howard. He's also on the cover with the declaration, "50 HR potential?" and wouldn't you know it? He hit 58 that season! (Wow, I forgot how good he was that year.)

4. Back to the Yankees. While I do enjoy seeing them jump out to early leads, they really keep it going. Usually, you'd expect Tanaka to be able to hold onto a multi-run lead but he's running into his rookie wall right now and it would be nice if the offense could help him out a bit. Like maybe score six runs so the Yankee fans who choose to take advantage of the Papa John's discount can get crappy pizza for half off. The Yankees also need to stop this habit of rattling off semi-long winning streaks immediately followed by semi-long losing streaks. I get that they're a mediocre squad but it's still disappointing to watch.

5. I miss the 2009 Yankees.

6. I hope Jeter hits a home run in his first at bat of the All-Star game so people's heads will explode.

7. It's pretty funny how some people completely overreacted to Jeter being selected to the All-Star game. It was as if they forgot all about Cal Ripken Jr. being voted in because of his career stats not because of his 2001 numbers when he was 40 and in his final season. They're acting like Jeter was the first guy to be voted in because of his name. What?!?! That never happens!

8. I'm hoping the All-Star break rejuvenates some of the guys on the Yankees. Maybe the extra days off will get some heads back on straight and allow them all to have a better second half. (I'm looking at you, Brian McCann.)

9. I really miss the 2009 Yankees.

10. If you haven't heard of Foul Territory with Mark Teixeira, where have you been? Watch it now.

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