Joe Girardi Shrugs Off Napoli's "Idiot" Comment

If you caught the end of last night's 2-1 loss to the Red Sox, you may have noticed microphones picking up Mike Napoli calling Masahiro Tanaka an "idiot" for throwing him a fastball which led to his game-winning Home Run. Before tonight's series finale, Joe Girardi was asked about the above incident, and took it in stride.

"I haven't seen anything in Mike Napoli where he's a guy who shows people up, or he's a guy who degrades people," Girardi said. "I've never seen that in Mike Napoli. I don't make too much of it."

Girardi said if it were a lingering issue, however, he would have a bone to pick. "If they say things that are derogatory or degrading the next day then I have a problem. But if it's in the heat of the battle, I really don't."

We even got a nice Joe Girardi-David Cone story out of the question:

"Some of the things [David Cone] would say to me, I would laugh! I would turn around and laugh when I walked back...He kicked me out of the bullpen one day warming him up, he told me to shut up and go back and catch. But that's who he was. He was passionate about what he did. I would laugh. It kind of broke the ice a lot of times in a sense. It was funny - we used to say he had that temperament that at times he could snap a little bit. And you know what? I have that temperament too. We've seen it."

Yankees and Red Sox from the Stadium at 8:05 on ESPN.

Update (7:23 PM): John Farrell - "We have the utmost respect for Tanaka and I know Mike Napoli does."