About Last Night: Chase Whitley

Chase Whitley didn't have a good outing against the Toronto Blue Jays last night. Here's his hit chart for the game: hit-chart (37)

Whitley actually started off the game nicely by striking out Jose Reyes swinging, but it all went downhill from there. The Blue Jays scored a run in the first, thanks to Melky Cabrera and Adam Lind.

Cabrera hit a first pitch double to center on a 91 m.p.h. fastball over the plate: atbat-summary (47)

Lind hit another 91 m.p.h. offering for an RBI single: atbat-summary (48)

The second inning was even worse for Whitley. He gave up three straight singles to Juan Francisco, Munenori Kawasaki and Anthony Gose.

atbat-summary (49)

atbat-summary (50)

atbat-summary (51)

Francisco hit a slider and Kawasaki and Gose hit fastballs. Francisco and Kawasaki hit line drive singles while Gose's was on the ground.

Whitley got three guys to hit the ball in the air during his outing. The highest dot in the image is Lind's three-run home run in the second inning, the one below that is a fly out by Rasmus in the fourth and the one that looks like it's going to hit the ground was a popup by Cabrera in the third. strike-zone (27)

Here's what Lind's at bat looked like when he hit the home run: atbat-summary (53)

When you throw an 86 m.p.h slider that hangs over the plate, 424 foot home runs happen.

Next, Encarnacion hit another slider that didn't exactly slide for a single: atbat-summary (54)

After getting Colby Rasmus to ground out, Navarro stepped in and hit Whitley's first pitch, another slider, into center for a line drive, RBI double:

atbat-summary (55)

The third inning was Whitley's only 'clean' inning as in, he didn't allow the Jays to score. He got Kawasaki to ground out, walked Gose, struck out Reyes and got Cabrera to pop out.

Whitley walked the first two batters in the fourth inning, got Rasmus to fly out for the first out but then gave up another hit to Navarro, a line drive single to center.

atbat-summary (56)

The Blue Jays were leading 8-1 in the fourth when Whitley finally exited the game.

This is how things looked for Whitley with runners in scoring position:

hit-chart (38)

And this is how much the Jays' lefties enjoyed hitting against him with runners in scoring position:

strike-zone (30)

His line for the night was a putrid 3.1 IP, 11H, 8ER, 8R, 3BB, 2K and the Jays hit a ridiculous .524/.583/.762/1.345 against him. And if you break it down by pitch type it looks like this:

  • They batted .750/.818/1.000/1.818 against his fastball with six hits including two doubles.
  • They batted .556/.556/.889/1.444 against his slider with five hits including Lind's home run.
  • They batted .000/.000/.000/.000 against his changeup. He struck out Reyes in the first on his changeup and he got Reyes again in the third on his slider.
  • Whitley threw 37 fastballs, 25 changeups and 25 sliders.

[Charts and numbers from ESPN Stats and Info]