Quick hit: A-Rod drops lawsuit against Yankees team doctor

Alex Rodriguez wants to be a New York Yankee again and to do that without any distractions, he's decided to drop his lawsuit against team doctor Christopher Ahmad and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. If you'll recall, Rodriguez sued Ahmad and Columbia Presbyterian - the hospital Ahmad is affiliated with - last fall because A-Rod claimed they misdiagnosed his left hip injury in 2012.

A-Rod's lawyer Alan Ripka said in a telephone interview earlier today, "He does not want to have any legal distractions in preparing and entering the new season for the New York Yankees." He added, "That is the sole and only reason why this case is being discontinued."

So, apparently A-Rod still believes that they misdiagnosed his hip injury but for the sake of goodwill wants to drop the suit because he's eager to play baseball again.

Ripka also told reporters that Rodriguez had been debating for some time whether or not to drop the lawsuit, "We've been considering it and thinking about in terms of his career, in terms of the Yankees, in terms of him moving forward in his life. This was determined to be the best decision."

Rodriguez had already dropped two lawsuits that he filed against Major League Baseball after they slapped him with a 211-game suspension in August 2013. As you all know, it was subsequently shortened to a 162-game suspension.

Rodriguez is still owed $61 million for 2015-17 from the 10-year, $275-million contract he signed with the Yankees in late 2007. Considering they are probably the only team who would be able to or even want to pay him that salary, dropping this lawsuit is good move. Now Rodriguez can focus on trying to salvage what's left of his baseball career but seeing how guys like Nelson Cruz, Ryan Braun and Melky Cabrera have been welcomed back by their teammates and fans with open arms, why can't Rodriguez?