I'm sorry, what? Yankees 7, A's 0

If you believed the Yankees were going to beat the A's and Sonny Gray tonight, raise your hand. If you believed David Phelps would only give up two hits in 6.2 innings of work and pick up the win, raise your hand.

If you believed Kelly Johnson would knock in a run, raise your hand.


No one believed any of that was possible but it happened! The Yankees beat the A's, they scored three early runs off Gray and Phelps kept Oakland's lineup in check. It was pretty great.

Old Man Derek Jeter picked up two more hits tonight, so did Brett Gardner, Brian Roberts and Ichiro.

Gardner, Roberts, Johnson and Ichiro all picked up an RBI and so did Mark Teixeira and Jacoby Ellsbury.

Dellin Betances came in after Phelps and struck two in an inning and a third without giving up a hit and Jose Ramirez pitched a clean ninth inning with one strikeout.

Phelps struck out four and walked three in his 6.2 innings but when he needed double play balls, he got them.

The Yankees have now won four in a row on the West Coast. I know, what is this madness and can we keep it for a while?