About Last Night: The Yankees Won!

In case you went to bed early and avoided TV, radio and other internet websites, you'll be happy to know that the Yankees won 3-2 last night in Seattle! And instead of doing a more traditional, boring recap, I thought we could look at some highlights from last night's game with charts, pictures and in some cases, linked videos. To start, here's what all eight of the Yankees' hits looked like:

hit-chart (32)

And here is what the same hit chart looks like with their outs included:

hit-chart (33)

The hardest hit ball, which was an out, came off the bat of Brett Gardner. (It's the ball at the top of the picture, right of centerfield between the 400 and 370 markers.) It came off an 89 mph fastball from starter Hisashi Iwakuma in the top of the eighth.

Here is a wedge chart that shows where the balls in play landed with their outs included:


And here's one that shows the same chart but with only the hits and where they landed:

hit-wedge-chart (1)

As you can see, the Yankees still aren't hitting a lot and they're also not hitting for a lot of power. This will continue to be a big problem if it doesn't correct itself soon. Though, to be fair, their first run of the night was scored on what ended up being a double by Carlos Beltran:

Honestly, Vidal Nuno was lucky to get out of Safeco Field having only given up one run in 5.2 innings and the Yankees were actually also lucky to have escaped with a win considering Dellin Betances actually gave up a run which allowed the Mariners to tie the game in the seventh inning.

After Gardner's long and loud out, Derek Jeter followed it up with a ground rule double on a pitch that would have ended up inside if he swung through it but hung over the plate just enough for Jeter to drive it in the left centerfield gap:

atbat-summary (21)

Jacoby Ellsbury drove in Jeter with a single off Charlie Furbush who was brought in after Iwakuma was taken out. Ellsbury was in an 0-2 hole and Furbush gifted him with a pitch over the plate:

atbat-summary (22)

The Yankees took a 3-2 lead and David Robertson came in to close out the game.

First Mike Zunino struck out on a foul tip (pitch #5):

atbat-summary (23)

Michael Saunders was a victim of D-Rob's curveball (it's the ball almost on the ground):

atbat-summary (25)

And after issuing a walk to Dustin Ackley, Robertson struck out John Buck to end the game (another sick curveball):

atbat-summary (24)

Game over, Yankees win!

[Charts and graphs courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]