The Solarte Party Still Isn't Over

Coming into the season, many Yankee fans weren't familiar with Yangervis Solarte and even now, over 60 games into the season, people still aren't exactly sure about him. Right now, Solarte is batting .299/.368/.458/.826 in 54 games and 151 PA. He has six home runs, 28 RBI, his K% is 10.9% (25), his BB% is 10% (23), his wOBA is .360, and his BABIP is .312.

Most fans probably believed that Solarte would slow down by now and while he has hit a few rough patches this season - during his latest rough stretch which lasted from May 15-28, he batted .149/.200/.213 - he always seems to rebound - in the 10 games since that cold spell, Solarte has hit .371/.421/.571 in the 10 games since.*

Solarte is a switch hitter and against lefties, Solarte is batting .271/.312/.357/.669 with a 14.1 K% and a 5.1% BB%.

hit-chart (31)

Against righties, Solarte is doing a bit better batting .313/.397/.511/.909 with a 9.3% K% and a 12.6% BB%.

hit-chart (30)

Here is his heat map (avg) batting righty:

strike-zone (19)

And here it is from the other side of the plate:

strike-zone (20)

Solarte is one of the only bright spots so far this season. While the rest of the Yankee offense seems completely inept at times, Solarte is giving Yankee fans something to root for.

*Numbers thanks to @yagottagotomo on Twitter.

[Charts, Heat Maps courtesy of ESPN's Stats and Info Department]