An Update on Mark Teixeira's Wrist

Mark Teixeira is in the lineup for a second straight game after sitting out two games with right wrist inflammation. Yesterday, Joe Girardi told us he thought the Yankees 1B would have a tougher time swinging left-handed versus right-handed. Today, however, Teixeira disagreed with that sentiment. "Right now, it feels about the same," he said, "so that's a good sign." He noted he wasn't sure how long the cortisone injection he recently received would last him, and whether or not he'd need another one. He did share some optimism though.

Teixeira said his doctor "was actually surprised it hadn't happened earlier, considering I take violent swings. He expected I would have flare-ups now and again. Getting through the end of May, without having anything, is pretty good considering where we came from."

Teixeira's doctor has repeatedly reassured the Yankees the injury is nothing serious, according to Girardi. For now, the Yankees will be cautious with Teixeira's right wrist.

"It only happened when it flared up. So hopefully it doesn't flare up again," Teixeira said. "We'll just try to keep on top of it and when you start feeling something, take it care of it."