About Last Night: The Kyle Seager Show

Kyle Seager had himself quite a game last night in Yankee Stadium. He finished with two triples, a double and a home run. That works out to a .800/.800/2.400/3.200 slashline.

Here's where his hits landed:

hit-chart (28)

In the second inning, Seager hit an 86 m.p.h. slider over the plate for his first triple:

atbat-summary (12)

In the fourth inning, the Yankees' inept defense plus a brain lock by Derek Jeter allowed Seager to get another triple in his next at bat:

atbat-summary (13)

In the eighth inning, Seager reached down to get this 93 m.p.h fastball from Alfredo Aceves and hit a double:

atbat-summary (14)

And finally, here's Seager's home run in the ninth:

atbat-summary (15)

As you can see from where the pitches landed, Kyle Seager was just having one of those nights where the ball looked like a beachball, especially against Aceves in the eighth and ninth innings.

Some more Seager "fun" facts (more fun for him than for us or the Yankees):

[Numbers and heat maps courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]