Monday/Off Day Open Thread: 5/19/14

Good evening, everyone and welcome to tonight's open thread. As you know the Yankees have an off day because they're embarking on a midwest road trip which will keep them in Chicago playing both the Cubs and White Sox through Sunday and take them to St. Louis to face the Cardinals early next week. It should be a fun time. What's not a fun time, at least for CC Sabathia, is the possibility of missing at least six weeks of playing time. Looks like the former big guy will be out until July with his knee injury.

Anyway, for tonight's open thread, I thought I'd post the following video:

The date: 5/19/98 The place: Yankee Stadium II The event: A game between the Yankees and Orioles that turned into a brouhaha of epic proportions.

Discuss whatever you'd like in the comments and enjoy your night!