About Last Night: Masahiro Tanaka

Last night, the Yankees' new stopper Masahiro Tanaka pitched a four-hit complete game shutout against the Mets and I wanted to look at his performance through pictures and charts because they're fun and colorful and we need that on this dreary day in New York. Here's the hit chart (with outs included): hit-chart (24)

And here are the Fly ball outs: hit-chart (25)

Terry Collins may have had a point about three of the Mets' fly balls being home runs in Yankee Stadium but they weren't in Yankee Stadium last night so it's a moot point and he should really stop whining already.

Here's where he located all of his pitches last night: strike-zone (17)

Here's the heat map of where Tanaka's swings and misses were located:

strike-zone (16)

As you can see, a few guys were chasing the infamous Tanaka splitter but they also were having issues with his slider (more on that in a bit).

Next up is a nice chart made by our overlord Jason that breaks down all of Tanaka's pitches last night: How many he threw, which kind, how many ended up being swings, misses, which ones were fouled off, chased out of the strike zone and in play.

(Click on it to enlarge) TanakaChart3  

Tanaka had great success with his slider last night. There were lots of misses and 40% of them were chased out of the zone (he threw sliders 20 total). He also had success with the three cutters he threw. He had eight strikeouts last night and two were on his fastball, one on his curve, three were on his slider and two were on his splitter.

Finally, Tanaka held the Mets hitters to a .133/.133/.167/.300 batting line with a .131 wOBA overall. When breaking it down into splits, he held Mets righties to a .067/.067/.067/.133 line and lefties fared slightly better but not much at .200/.200/.267/.467.

Needless to say, it was a fun performance to watch.

[Heat maps, sprays charts and numbers courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]