About Last Night: Hiroki Kuroda

Last night, Yankees pitchers - Hiroki Kuroda, Matt Thornton, Preston Claiborne and Alfredo Aceves - surrendered nine runs to the Mets. So how did that happen? Well, according to this picture, they threw a lot of pitches over the plate which as you know, is where most major league hitters like to have pitches located.

strike-zone (11)

And here is where the hits landed:

hit-chart (20)

This is Kuroda's heat map. (I'm going to focus on him because he didn't have a great start.)

strike-zone (12)

This is where "pitches in play" were located:

strike-zone (14)

And here are the results:

hit-chart (21)

Kuroda gave up two home runs last night and this is where those pitches were located:

strike-zone (13)

Travis d'Arnaud's home run was an 85 mph slider and cut the lead to 4-2:

atbat-summary (1)

Curtis Granderson's home run was a 90 mph fastball and tied the game at 4-4:


The Mets batted .318/.318/.682/1.000 overall. When you break it down by results, they batted .083/.083/.167/.250 on ground balls, .667/.667/.833/1.500 on line drives and .500/.500/2.000/2.500 on fly balls. As you can see, Kuroda needs to keep the ball down and hope that his defense doesn't let him down.

And while Kuroda's final line of 6IP, 7H, 4ER, 4R, 0BB and 3K isn't terrible, something definitely wasn't right with him last night and with the starting rotation only being him, Masahiro Tanaka, and three fill-ins, the Yankees cannot afford to have many more performances like this from their no. 2 starter.

[Heat maps and charts courtesy of the ESPN Stats & Info Department and Stats are from Baseball Reference]