Game 37: It's Derek Jeter's Last Subway Series!

Hey everybody, it's Derek Jeter's last Subway Series! (Lucky him.) The Yankees and Mets will play the next four games against each other - two in the Bronx and two in Queens. Last year, the Mets swept the newly abbreviated clash of the "crosstown rivals." What will happen this year? You're guess is as good as mine.

Here are your lineups:

METS Young Jr., LF Murphy, Dn, 2B Wright, D, 3B Granderson, RF Abreu, DH Duda, 1B Young, C, CF d'Arnaud, T, C Tejada, R, SS

YANKEES Gardner, B, LF Jeter, SS Ellsbury, CF Beltran, DH McCann, C Soriano, A, RF Solarte, 3B Johnson, K, 1B Roberts, B, 2B

Pitching matchup: Bartolo Colon vs. Hiroki Kuroda