Prospects Who's Not: April

Well, I've given you the the hot prospects for April, along with some well-deserved honorable mentions, so now it's time for the not so hot. While the Hot list was tough to make because there were those deserving a mention who got left off, the Not list was much easier. This was in part to some rough performances by some recognizable names, but also because not as many of the more important prospects struggled. There were plenty whose April was more of a mixed bag, but here are five who really are going to need to turn things around in May. Austin Romine (C, Scranton): I have never given out a Not Prospect of the Month, but Romine is tempting me this April. After a brief call up to New York early in April, the Yankees passed him over for John Ryan Murphy when Cervelli got injured. If Romine was trying to convince them they made a mistake, he certainly has done little to prove them wrong. He ended the month with a six game hitless streak and as of May 4th he only has two hits since then. For April, Romine "hit" a paltry .108/.195/.135. His only extra base hit was a double and he had one RBI. To be fair, Murphy didn't have great numbers in Scranton either, but he has started to heat up in the Bronx and Girardi has been singing the young backstop's praises for his defense.

Adonis Garcia (OF, Scranton): Garcia turned some heads during Spring Training, but he struggled some in Scranton this April. The Cuban outfielder hit .247/.282/.329 with one homer and three doubles. He did swipe three stolen bases, not getting caught stealing at all. It is early, but Garcia has shown signs of life in May.

Mason Williams (OF, Trenton): It wasn't that long ago that Williams was breaking out as a major prospect, but his status has started to cool and he didn't help himself this April. Williams went .223/.292/.311 in April, with one homer, one triple and four doubles. The outfielder struck out fifteen times, but did draw ten walks. He also managed to do some damage once he got on base, stealing three bases out of four attempts and crossing the plate safely eighteen times.

Cito Culver (SS, Tampa): At this point, no one is expecting Culver to turn into an offensive threat, but if he could just become passable at the plate, the shortstop could absolutely have a future in the major leagues. The Yankees will be needing to fill that spot at short next year and with few exciting options there, it would be nice if Culver could get his bat going enough to let the Yankees believe he could at least play some role there in the future. Culver tends to be streaky at the plate, but he found himself struggling in April. He hit .215/.265/.269. To his credit, he picked up ten RBIs and five doubles, but he also struck out 26 times in 23 games.

Gosuke Katoh (2B, Charleston): Katoh crushed the ball in the Gulf Coast League last year, but this year he is off to a slow start. In twenty games, he hit .200/.338/.338. He has struck out an ugly 32 times over that span, drawing twelve walks. On the plus side, he has shown off his speed, with six stolen bases in eight attempts. He also had three doubles and three triples.