Game 29: Another one? So Soon?

It's a nice, sunny afternoon in the Bronx. Let's hope the Yankees will make it even nicer for the fans who stayed up to watch last night's debacle by maybe, possibly, hopefully winning?

Here are your lineups:

RAYS Zobrist SS Jennings DH Joyce LF Longoria 3B Loney 1B Myers RF DeJesus CF Rodriguez 2B Hanigan C

YANKEES Ellsbury CF Gardner LF Teixeira 1B McCann C Soriano DH Johnson 3B Roberts 2B Suzuki RF Solarte SS

The pitching matchup is #TANAK vs Odorizzi.

You will notice that Beltran and Jeter are sitting today. And in, "hello again" news, Alfredo Aceves got the call at 1 a.m. that he'd be joining the big club again. Our own Kenny Ducey tweeted "Jeter just saw Aceves in the locker room and welcomed him back with a smile, hug, and a few punches to the side." Hopefully they weren't hard punches but since they came from Jeter, I'm willing to bet they weren't. Anyway, Aceves will be the longman -- if needed -- because both Adam Warren and Shawn Kelley are unavailable.