Game 24: Nuno v. Santiago

Here is your game thread for this afternoon's game. Hopefully we see more of Thursday night's performance out of the Yankees and not a replay of last night. As always, be sure to keep your comments respectful. Here are your lineups:

Angels Cowgill, C. RF Trout, M. CF Pujols, A. DH Kendrick, H. 2B Aybar, E. SS Iannetta, C. C Stewart, I. 1B Freese, D. 3B Shuck, J. LF

Yankees Ellsbury, J. CF Jeter, D. SS Beltran, C. DH Soriano, A. RF Teixeira, M. 1B Gardner, B. LF Roberts, B. 2B Johnson, K. 3B Murphy, J. C

New Jersey native Hector Santiago will be on the mound for the Angels, while Vidal Nuno gets the ball for the Yankees.