IIATMS Podcast Episode 15: Pineda Ejection, Starter Pipeline, Prospect Profiles, and More!

Last night, while we were getting ready to record our 15th episode of the 'It's About The Yankees, Stupid' podcast, the Michael Pineda incident occurred which altered our plans slightly because of course we'd have to talk about it. The Yankees' starting pitcher being ejected for using a foreign substance is, as Vice President Joe Biden would say, a big ^&*$ing deal. After that Domenic, EJ and yours truly soldiered on and talked about what the loss of Pineda (for a couple of starts due to suspension) and Ivan Nova for the rest of the year means to the Yankees and how they will plug the holes in the rotation; Domenic and EJ talked about two more Yankee prospects while I listened intently (I swear, I was); Domenic ranted about a certain trade that happened a few days ago, I ranted about an incident on Twitter and we answered listener email.

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