Game 21: Big Mike vs. Lackey

Welcome to tonight's game thread. Here are your lineups:

YANKEES Ellsbury, CF Jeter, SS Beltran, DH McCann, C Soriano, LF Teixeira, 1B Gardner, RF Roberts, 2B Johnson, 3B

RED SOX Sizemore, RF Pedroia, 2B Ortiz, DH Napoli, 1B Carp, LF Pierzynski, C Bogaerts, SS Holt, 3B Bradley Jr., CF

Pitching matchup: Pineda (2-1, 1.00 ERA) vs. Lackey (2-2, 5.25 ERA)

As always, behave, be respectful of your fellow IIATMS readers and have fun!

Go Yankees.