A Sticky Situation: Red Sox 5, Yankees 1

So, heard any good jokes lately? This game was a disaster from the start. Michael Pineda was struggling to get through the first inning and was lucky to escape down only two runs. Then the brazen young pitcher decided to go out to the mound with some pine tar on his neck of all places, the Red Sox bench noticed, notified the umps and he was thrown out of the game.


And according to MLB rule 8.02(a)(4) (there are a lot of parts to the rule), a pitcher may not use a "foreign substance" on the baseball and violation of that rule is a mandatory 10-game suspension.

Oh good, this is just what the Yankees' rotation needs, another missing starter. It's bad enough the Yankees have to figure how they're going deal with the loss of Ivan Nova for the season but now they have to worry about Pineda missing two starts on top of that?

After Pineda was ejected, an unmanned camera for the ESPN broadcast was positioned to film the tunnel from the Yankees dugout to the clubhouse. As Joe Girardi was going into the tunnel after the ejection, he moved the camera so it wouldn't be able to see anything down there. He told reporters after the game, "I don't want it down in tunnel, that is our private area."

General Manager Brian Cashman also made a statement after the game saying, "We failed as an organization for him somehow being in that position... Clearly what took place in the 2nd inning should not have." He added, "I think we as an organization are embarrassed that this took place... I would want my manager to do what John Farrell did."

Needless to say the rest of the game wasn't much fun. The Yankees couldn't get anything going against John Lackey who came into tonight's start with a bloated 5.25 ERA and ended up pitching like Cy Young. Isn't that always the way?

The Good

  • The Yankees didn't lose by more than four runs.

The Bad

  • The Yankees couldn't score more than one run and couldn't get anything going against Lackey who lasted eight innings, gave up only the one run on seven hits, didn't walk a batter and struck out 11.
  • The infield defense *cough* Derek Jeter*cough* was atrocious and it was tough to watch.
  • The poor bullpen probably didn't think they'd have to pitch as much as they did. I mean, who would expect the starting pitcher, who had been called out for having a foreign substance on his person already, to do it again and be so blatant about it? I mean, my goodness.

The Ugly

  • The whole Pineda Pandemonium (see what I did there?) It's just a bad situation all around and it's embarrassing.
  • Mark Teixeira went 0-4 with four strikeouts. Yikes.

The Yankees and Red Sox will square off one last time in Fenway Park tomorrow for the rubber game of the series and hopefully we won't have any ejections of any kind...