A Dean Anna Split: Yankees 5, Rays 1 F/12

Raccoon_(Procyon_lotor)_2 Okay, I have to confess, I missed the 9th-11th innings of this game because I was eating Easter dinner with my mom and Aunt but I did leave the table a couple of times to see what was happening and I finished my plate just as the 12th inning was getting interesting.

In case you missed it, that was when the good stuff happened for the Yankees.

And it went a little something like this:

  • Heath Bell walks Yangervis Solarte.
  • Joe Maddon walks out to the mound to replace Bell with C. J. Riefenhauser while wearing his three quarter sleeved Rays hoodie and hipster glasses. He's so cool and so hip! Yawn.
  • Brett Gardner grounds into a force out and Solarte is out at second.
  • Brian Roberts lines out to short for the second out.
  • Brian McCann singles to center and Gardner advances to 3rd.
  • After a visit to the mound, the Rays decide to intentionally walk Jacoby Ellsbury to load the bases because surely the better matchup in this situation would be Dean Anna, right?
  • WRONG!!!
  • Anna works an eight-pitch, bases loaded walk on a check swing which scores Gardner and moves McCann to 3rd and Ellsbury to 2nd.
  • Maddon once again walks out to the mound to replace Riefenhauser with Josh Lueke.
  • Carlos Beltran singles on a ball up the middle that nearly hit Lueke (Aw, next time). McCann and Ellsbury both score and Anna goes to 3rd.
  • Alfonso Soriano follows that up with a single of his own. This time it was of the bloop variety and it was out of the reach of both second baseman whateverthehellhisnameis (I'm kidding, it's Logan Forsythe) and rightfielder Wil Myers. Anna scores and Beltran advanced to 3rd.
  • The inning comes to an end when Mark Teixeira grounds out to first but the damage has been done. The Yankees are up 5-1.

Preston Claiborne made the bottom of the 12th slightly scary when he started it off surrendering a double to Yunel Escobar but he struck out Matt Joyce for the first out and after walking Jose Molina, got both Ben Zobrist and Forsyth to hit the ball to Beltran to end the game.

More good stuff from today's game:

  • Starter Vidal Nuno stepping up:  He held the Rays scoreless in his five innings of work, only gave up three hits, walked two and struck out six.
  • Evan Longoria finished 0-5. I know? Can you believe it? I thought for sure that he would hit a walk off homer because he can be a jerk at times but he didn't. Hooray!
  • The bullpen stepped up giving up only one run to the Rays and while I realize it was a big run because it made the game going into extras, it's still a good job considering what had happened to the bullpen on Friday and Saturday.
  • Mark Teixeira was 2-6 in his return and his wrist didn't fall off. Hooray!
  • The umps didn't screw this up completely and ruled that this ball off the wall wasn't actually a catch after review, of course. Nice try, Wil Myers!

The Yankees escaped the Slop with a split of the four-game set which after the two middle games, was a welcome relief. I'm happy with a split. I'm also happy the team has tomorrow off because the poor bullpen needs the rest.