Beltran Had a Good Week and McCann Is Getting Better

It's another post with colors, pictures and even more pictures so let's take a look at two of the Yankees' biggest offseason acquisitions, Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann, shall we? First up is Beltran who has been doing really well this past week.

His slash line from 4/10-4/16: .409/.435/.955/1.389 His wOBA from 4/10-4/16: .565

Overall he's batting .327/.368/.673/1.041.

Here is a chart of his hits this past week: hit-chart (8)

Beltran has been pretty balanced hitting three home runs, three doubles and three singles. He also has five strikeouts and five runs batted in.

Here is his heat map (by batting average):

strike-zone (3)

Hey, look at that, he's hitting pitches over the middle of the plate.

And here is how that same map looks with actual numbers (also by batting average):

strike-zone (4)

McCann seems to have picked things up a bit since we checked in with him last. (A week ago today)

His slash line from 4/10-4/16: .333/.375/.800/1.175 His wOBA from 4/10-4/16: .479

Overall he's batting .208/.240/.354/.594 so he still has a ways to go before we can declare that he's good.

Here is his hit chart from 4/10-4/16:

hit-chart (9)

And his heat maps (both by batting average):

strike-zone (5)

strike-zone (6)

I thought it was kind of amazing that McCann has been having more success hitting pitches that are slightly high and away better than pitches over the plate but it seems to be his way of hitting.

Here's a heat map that includes last season's at bats:

strike-zone (7)

Anyway, Beltran was rewarded for his good week last week when he won American League Player of the Week and McCann is slowly getting into a groove. A nice test for both of these players will be the four-game set in Tampa which starts tonight. If they can help the Yankees win in Tropicana Field, I will buy their t-shirts.

[Heat maps and charts courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]